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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles

Casino Type
Slots Only Alias
61 Casinos Found

  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  (buffalo) - See Bison Club - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  (cowboy on bronco) - See Cowboy Bar - Pinedale, Wyoming
  (horseshoe) - See Smith & Murphy's Billiards - Thermopolis, Wyoming
  114 Club Casper    Illegal Closed
  789 Smokeshop & Casino Riverton    Indian 1998 No Open
  Bison Club Jackson Hole    Illegal Closed
  BPOE Elks 0520 Sheridan    Fraternal Open
  BSB Medicine Bow    UFC 1937 Closed
  Capital Saloon Rawlins    Illegal Closed
  Casper Club Casper    Illegal 1930s 1940s Closed
  Cheyenne Cigar Store Cheyenne    Card Room 1928 Yes Closed
  Comet Inn Casper    Illegal Closed
  Cowboy Bar Pinedale    Illegal Closed
  CW - See Freeman's Bar - Evanston, Wyoming
  Ducks Unlimited Cheyenne    Card Room Closed
  DW - See Hub Cigar Store - Cheyenne, Wyoming
  EE (Earl Ealum) Casper    UFC Closed
  Evanston Horse Palace Evanston    Non-Casino Open
  FOE Gillette    UFC Closed
  FOE 0128 Cheyenne    Fraternal Open
  Freeman's Bar Evanston    Illegal 1946 Closed
  Frontier Nights Cheyenne    Illegal 1931 Yes Closed
  Gladstone Hotel Casper    Illegal Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Beartooth Cody    Harley Davidson 2014 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Buffalo Bill Cody    Harley Davidson 2014 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Deluxe Casper    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Deluxe Devils Tower    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Deluxe Gillette    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Deluxe Sundance    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Flaming Gorge Green River    Harley Davidson 2013 Open
  Harley-Davidson - High Country Cheyenne    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - High Country Laramie    Harley Davidson 2012 2014 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Jackson Hole (Chester's ) Jackson    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Laramie Laramie    Harley Davidson 2004 2012 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Oil City Casper    Harley Davidson 05/01/2019 Closed
  HM - See Yellowstone Smoke House - Worland, Wyoming
  Hopper's Bar Moorcroft    Illegal 1935 ?? Closed
  Hub Cigar Store Cheyenne    Illegal Closed
  JBJ - See Townsend Billiards - Casper, Wyoming
  JCR (John C. Reschke) Baggs    UFC Closed
  JEP - See Virginia Bar - Casper, Wyoming
  JOY - See Plamor Night Club - Cheyenne, Wyoming
  LD Rock Springs    UFC Closed
  Little Wind Casino Ethete    Indian 04/2009 Open
  Log Cabin Club Jackson Hole    Illegal Closed
  LOOW (script) - See Capital Saloon - Rawlins, Wyoming
  LS (intertwined) - See - ,
  OK Bar Rock Springs    Illegal Closed
  Palace Billiards Lovell    Illegal Closed
  Palace Club Sheridan    Illegal Closed
  PC Casper    Illegal 1943 Yes Closed
  PC - See Palace Club - Sheridan, Wyoming
  PC (W. A. Swisher) Casper    UFC Closed
  Plamor Night Club Cheyenne    Illegal Closed
  R - See Riverside Club - Casper, Wyoming
  Ray Lake Lander    Land Based Closed
  Riverside Club Casper    Illegal Closed
  RJ Bar Jackson Hole    Illegal Closed
  RSC - See Riverside Club - Casper, Wyoming
  Saratoga Club Saratoga    Illegal 1946 Yes Closed
  SCC / SW - See Sheridan Country Club - Sheridan, Wyoming
  Sheridan Country Club Sheridan    Golf Club Closed
  Shoshone Rose Casino Lander    Indian 2007 Open
  Smith & Murphy's Billiards Thermopolis    Illegal 1919 Yes Closed
  Sportsman's Bar Cheyenne    Illegal 1930s 1950s Closed
  Sportsmen's Club Rock Springs    Illegal Closed
  Thompson's Pool Hall Cheyanne    Illegal Closed
  Townsend Billiards Casper    Illegal Closed
  VB - See Virginia Bar - Casper, Wyoming
  VFW 1881 Cheyenne    Fraternal Open
  VFW 4081 Pinedale    Fraternal Unknown
  VFW 4343 Cheyenne    Fraternal Open
  Virginia Bar Casper    Illegal Closed
  Wind River Casino Riverton    Indian 06/2007 No Open
  Wort Hotel Jackson Hotel    Illegal 1941 1956 Closed
  WYO - See Gladstone Hotel - Casper, Wyoming
  Wyoming Downs Evanston, WY    Racino Open
  Yellowstone Smoke House Worland    Illegal Closed
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