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Was: Coos-Pa-Om-Nu-It
49500 Seminole Drive
Cabazon, California 92230
Type: Indian
Status: Open
Open: 1992, Close: No
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The original bingo hall opened in 1983. It became the Casino Morongo in 1992, and opened with 35 card tables. A new building was opened in 1995, with more tables added.

The expanded Morongo Casino Resort & Spa was opened on Dec 10, 2004, and the Casino Morongo was then used for bingo, bowling and special events after the new Morongo Casino opened (no longer any real gambling at Casino Morongo).

In 2018 when the newer Morongo Casino was expanded, a few hundred slots were moved to the reopened & remodeled Morongo Casino and gambling resumed at the smaller location.

There is also a Morongo Travel Center with ~40 slots that opened in 1979 and is still open currently; this is a gas station and convenience store with slots only.

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Denom: $100
Added: 2012-01-14
Last Update: 2018-02-04
Color: White
Inserts: 8 Split Black
Mold: 4X3Hub (Denom)

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