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Became: Golden Phoenix
255 N Sierra St
Reno, Nevada 89501 MAP
Type: Land Based
Status: Closed
Open: 1992, Close: 2001

In 1992 it became the Flamingo Hilton. In 2000, Hilton declined to renew its licensing agreement with the Flamingo brand, and the Flamingo Hilton became simply the Flamingo Reno
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Casino Money
Table Chips (7) [QuickView]
CG072286 Obsolete
Denom: 50¢
Issued: 1995
Last Update: 2017-03-27
Color: Hot Pink
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS-Gold
Catalog#: N3005
Contributed by: Terry Shaffer
CG019957 Obsolete
Denom: $1
Issued: 1989
Last Update: 2017-03-27
Color: Blue
Mold: House
Inlay: R-White
Catalog#: N5069
Contributed by: DeeAnna LLC

Gap between FLAMINGO and HILTON.
CG000836 Obsolete
Denom: $1
Issued: 1990s
Last Update: 2017-03-27
Color: Blue
Mold: House
Inlay: R-White
Logo: Logo
Catalog#: V8513
Contributed by: Greg Susong

No gap between FLAMINGO and HILTON.
CG072718 Obsolete
Denom: $5
Issued: 1989
Last Update: 2017-03-27
Color: Dk Red
Inserts: 2 Grn, 2 Pnk
Mold: House
Inlay: HUB-White
Catalog#: N5068
Contributed by: Terry Shaffer
CG088631 Obsolete
Denom: $5
Issued: 1993
Last Update: 2019-09-22
Color: Multi
Mold: Plain
Mftr: Chipco
Logo: Casino
Catalog#: N7574
Contributed by: Richard Jezeski
CG072654 Obsolete
Denom: $25
Issued: 1989
Last Update: 2017-03-27
Color: Green
Inserts: 4 Yellow, 4 Fuchsia
Mold: House
Inlay: SCA-White
Catalog#: N4662
Contributed by: Terry Shaffer
CG140622 Obsolete
Denom: $100
Issued: 1989
Last Update: 2015-03-18
Color: Black
Inserts: 3 Blue/Pink/Blue
Mold: House
Inlay: HEX-White
Catalog#: N4172
Contributed by: Sherry and Johnny Mac
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Last Update: 2020-12-06
Color: Clear
Logo: Flamingo
Contributed by: Richard Siri
Last Update: 2021-05-02
Color: Clear
Contributed by: Raymond Klann
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