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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles
Was: Ta-Neva-Ho
14 State Hwy 28
Crystal Bay, Nevada 89402 MAP
Type: Land Based
Status: Open
Open: 1953/2002, Close: 2003/No
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Fantasy chips are not made by or for a casino, although they may appear otherwise. Fantasy chips are made by independent 3rd parties as either counterfeits, fakes or souvenirs. Fantasy chips are included on the ChipGuide to alert collectors that they are not casino chips and to advise you to proceed with caution. Purchasing fantasy chips, especially those that appear to be real casino chips, may lead to fraudulent sales when your collection is disbursed and encourages their continued production.
Denom: $1
Last Update: 2018-12-16
Color: Cream
Mold: LgKey
Inlay: R-White
Catalog#: NotInTCR
Contributed by: Dick Bartley
Slot Tokens (3) [QuickView]
CG051900 Current
Denom: $1
Issued: 1965
Last Update: 2021-01-19
Mftr: TME
Contributed by: Gary Acquistapace
CG122290 Current
Denom: $1
Issued: 1980
Last Update: 2021-01-19
Color: Nickel
Mftr: LM
Contributed by: John K. Kallman
CG056891 Current
Denom: $5
Issued: 1996
Last Update: 2011-12-07
Mftr: G
Contributed by: Gary Acquistapace
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Ticket In Ticket Outs (3) [QuickView]
Issued: 09/08/2003
Last Update: 2011-10-08
Contributed by: Jim Noll

Void After 90 Days
Issued: 09/26/2004
Last Update: 2011-10-08
Contributed by: Gary Acquistapace

Void After 60 Days
Issued: 06/30/2008
Last Update: 2011-10-08
Contributed by: Jim Noll
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